Anne Wirth is the author of the epic American Civil War Novel “Southern Wind”. It is the first in a trilogy about the lives and families of the Civil War Era. The novel has been written from a southern perspective. “Southern Wind” takes the reader from a timeline just prior to the start of the Civil War, in the beautiful River Road Plantation area of Louisiana and travels through Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Suzanna Michaels is the pampered daughter of a New Orleans lawyer and wealthy plantation owner and by chance meets an old family acquaintance, Alexander Taylor, who is the son of her father’s childhood friend. The Michaels’ Family Plantation, Belle Michelle, grew cotton and maintained slaves, whom they treated well. Unknown to Suzanna, her father’s law clerk and her aunt, Louella Stevens, are both involved with her father’s secret actions and plans in support of the Civil War. As the story evolves, Suzanna discovers that her family was even more involved. With the death of her parents, their actions to save the plantation and herself from the clutches of the Union Army. Suzanna is completely infatuated with Alexander and the two together, along with her remaining family, are embroiled in a web of intrigue by staying just steps ahead of the Yankees they encounter. She makes her mind up that she will do just about anything for the true love of her life. She travels with six men from Louisiana to Texas, and they take her on the adventure of a lifetime to find safety and enduring love.
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